Friday, 28 June 2013

The Scared Rabbit, Kids Cool Short Story

How a Hunter Catch the Scared Rabbit in Cool Kids Short Stories.


One day, when a rabbit was grazing in a jungle, some hunters arrived there and shot an arrow at him. The poor animal got scared and hid behind a bush.

The hunters started searching for him. The rabbit couldn't control his patience and started nibbling the leaves of the bushes. The hunters heard the rustling sound of the leaves.

One of them saw the rabbit behind the tree and shot an arrow at him and the rabbit fell down dead.

So, it's always said that at the time of danger, one should keep patience and behave intelligently.

The End !!! 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Giraffe And Dog, Story for Cool Kids A Short Story

Kids Short  Story of Giraffe and Dog

Once a giraffe and a rabbit met on a road. They both had to go in the same direction, so they became friends and traveled together. They had taken just a few steps when they saw a packet lying by the road-side. The rabbit picked up the packet and giving it to the giraffe said, "Open it and read it out for me.

" The giraffe did exactly what the rabbit had asked him to do. The packet turned out to be all about the things that giraffe eat like grass, barley etc. the rabbit felt bored hearing what the giraffe was reading out and said, "Turn over the pages and see if there is something about the things I am fond of such as meat, bones etc.

The giraffe glanced through the entire packet but couldn't find anything of the rabbit's sort. The rabbit became sadder and asked the giraffe to throw it away because he found the packet useless for him.

The End !!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How Kids React In A Zoo Innocently, Kids Cool Short Stories

Son Cute Replied To His Fathe

One day jacob went with his father to a zoo. He was very excited to see different types of birds and animals.

After a while, they came in front of the cage of a lion. jacob's father told him how ferocious and strong lions are. jacob was listening very attentively.

Finally, he spoke up, "Dad, if somehow the lion comes out of the cage and eats you up, then how will I get back home? At least tell me the route to reach home.

jacob's father laughed at the innocent question of the son.

The End !!!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Funny Pet Store Owner, Kids Cool Short Story

Unconscious Kid Buying A Parrot For Himself

Once, a kid wanted to but a talking parrot for himself. So he went to a pet shop owner and told him about his requirement. The shop owner said, "Yes my boy, I have a talking parrot." Then he showed him a parrot.

The owner further said, "If you pull the string on the left leg, he'll say; Hi, how are you? And if you pull the string on the right leg, he'll say; I'm fine, thank you."

At this the kid asked, "What if I pull both the strings?" "Then I would fall from this perch, you stupid kid!" answered the parrot.

The End !!!

Shelly Want To Lose Her Weight, A Kids Cool Short Story

A Funny Shopkeeper Replied very Cool

shelly was fed up of her increasing weight. All the time she kept thinking of the ways to reduce her weight.

One day she went to a shopkeeper and said, "I have come to know about a book that tells how to reduce weight. Please give me a copy of that book."

The shopkeeper said, "Madam, the last copy of that book got sold just a few minutes back. But I have another book that tells how to gain weight."

shelly said, "I don't need that. I want to reduce weight, not increase it."

The shopkeeper replied, " So what? Just do the reverse of what is written in the book."


The End !!!

A Foolish Man Shout On His Father, Kids Short Story To Learn

Foolish Son kids short story

brown was trying to sell his house since long but couldn't succeed. One day, he took out a brick from the wall of his house.

His father angrily asked him, "Why did you do that?"

brown replied, "You are foolish! You don't know anything. I know why am I failing again and again in selling my house. I have never shown its sample to anyone. Now I have got a customer. I have promised him to this brick as a sample of our house."

His father held his head at the foolishness of his Son.

The End !!!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Two Firends Embarrassed On Their Arguing

Showing Argument before understand the Situation

One day Two young firends saw a man who was limping. One of them said that the man must have born lame. The other said that he must have met with an accident. They both started arguing over the matter.

The argument got so heated up that finally they went to the man and asked him the reason for his limping.

The man laughed and replied that he was limping as one of his sandals had broken. Both the friends walked away with an embarrassed face.

The End !!!